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BEN AFFLECK plays Chuckle, a construction worker and Will Hunting's best friend who, recognizing Will's genius, encourages him to leave South Boston for a better life. Affleck co­wrote the screenplay with co­star and longtime friend Matt Damon.

With three motion pictures released in 1997, Affleck's star is definitely on the rise. He received plaudits in Kevin Smith's comedy "Chasing Amy," in which he starred opposite Joey Lauren Adams. Affleck next starred opposite Jeremy Davies in Mark Pellington's "Going All The Way," an adaptation of Dan Wakefield's best­selling coming­of­age novel, and will next be seen in Dimension Films' "Phantoms," co­starring Peter O'Toole and Rose McGowan, and scripted by Steven Soderbergh and Dean Koontz.

Next summer, Affleck stars opposite Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler in Michael Bay's "Armageddon." His upcoming acting projects include Kevin Smith's comedy "Dogma," the romantic comedy "Forces of Nature," and the comingof­age comedy "Balling the Jack," which he will also write.

Affleck's other film credits include "Mallets," "Dazed and Confused," "Glory Daze," "Cruz" and "School Ties." Affleck was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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