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PAUL GREENGRASS began his career as an investigative journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He produced and directed the award-winning British television series "World In Action" and went on to make such highly acclaimed documentaries as Food and Trucks and Rock and Roll, U2 - Anthem for the Eighties, Moscow Week, Coppers and What Ever Happened to Woodward and Bernstein. He also wrote and directed the television drama "When The Lies Run Out," winner of the Chicago Film Festival Silver Medal.

Greengrass' feature films include Resurrected, starring David Thewlis, winner of the Interfilm and OCIC Jury Awards at the Berlin Film Festival; Sophie's World; The One That Got Away with Paul McGann and David Morrissey; and The Fix, the story of one of the biggest sports scandals ever to hit Great Britain.

Greengrass is also the co-author, with Peter Wright, of the controversial bestseller Spycatcher.

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