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Laney Boggs is a serious girl with too many responsibilities to enjoy the frivolous side of high school. "The short term goals of Laney Boggs consist of finishing her next painting," said RACHAEL LEIGH COOK. "This whole thing with Zack and the prom queen is just bizarre. She's very protective of herself, but as many walls as she throws up, she still gets in the middle of this horrible bet."

With 11 film roles in the past three years, Cook has been as busy as Laney. She first won acclaim as Becky Thatcher in "Tom & Huck" and was also featured in "Carpool", "The Kiss", "The House of Yes", "The Eighteenth Angel" and "Strike". Most recently, she starred in "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway", a teen drama set in a hospital, and "Naked Man", a comedy written by Ethan Coen. Her television work includes the miniseries "True Women" and the movie-of-the-week "Country Justice". Recently, Cook was cast as a re-occurring character in "Dawson's Creek."

Cook was born and raised in Minneapolis.


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