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"Taylor Vaughan is a legacy-her mother, sister and aunt were all prom queens, so she thinks there's no way she can lose," said JODI LYN O'KEEFE of her conniving character. "She will get what she wants at any cost-and she wants it all."

"She's got Versace everything and wears high heels every day. She runs in high heels! This is every girl I disliked in high school. She's the wicked witch, but you know what? I've played Cinderella before and the wicked witch is fun."

O'Keefe made her feature film debut in the 1998 horror hit, "Halloween: H20". On television, she stars as Don Johnson's daughter in the series "Nash Bridges". She was previously featured in the daytime drama "Another World". She was born and raised in New Jersey.


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