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BARRY LEVINSON (Producer/Director) was awarded the 1988 Best Director Oscar for "Rain Man," starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. "Rain Man" also won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Screenplay. In 1987, Levinson directed Robin Williams in the comedy "Good Morning Vietnam," which became one of the year's most acclaimed and popular movies. In 1991 "Bugsy," which Levinson directed and produced (with Warren Beatty), was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Levinson has used his home town as the setting for three widely- praised features: "Diner," the semi-autobiographical comedy-drama that marked his directorial debut; "Tin Men," starring Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfuss as two warring aluminum- siding salesmen; and "Avalon," an evocative multi-generational story of an American family.

After attending American University in Washington, D.C., Levinson moved to Los Angeles, where he began acting as well as writing and performing comedy routines. He then went on to write several television variety shows, including "The Marty Feldman Comedy Show" (which originated in England), "The Tim Conway Show" and "The Carol Burnett Show," for which he won two Emmy Awards for writing. A meeting with Mel Brooks led Levinson to collaborate with the veteran comedian/filmmaker on the features "Silent Movie" and "High Anxiety."

As a screenwriter, Levinson has received three Academy Award nominations, for "...And Justice For All," "Diner" and "Avalon." Levinson's other directorial credits include "The Natural," starring Robert Redford, "Young Sherlock Holmes," "Toys" (co- written with Valerie Curtin) and "Jimmy Hollywood," which he also wrote and produced.

More recently, Levinson directed Warner Bros.' film version of Michael Crichton's novel Disclosure, starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore, and directed and wrote the screen version (also for Warner Bros.) of Lorenzo Carcaterra's controversial book Sleepers, with an ensemble of actors that included Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt.

Just previous to beginning work on "Sphere," Levinson directed the David Mamet-scripted political satire "Wag the Dog," starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, which earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy, a Best Screenplay nomination for Hilary Henkin and David Mamet,and a Best Actor, Musical or Comedy, nomination for Dustin Hoffman.

Levinson returned to Baltimore to film the television series "Homicide: Life on the Street." His work on the critically-acclaimed drama earned him an Emmy Award for Best Individual Director of a Dramatic Series, as well as two Peabody Awards.

Levinson produced the Robert Redford-directed feature "Quiz Show," which was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Last year, he produced the critically lauded hard- hitting drama "Donnie Brasco," starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.


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