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SISSY SPACEK (Helen Webber), five times Oscar-nominated for her dramatic film performances, now takes a break for some comedy. In 1979, for her portrayal of singer Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter, Spacek received the Academy Award for Best Actress. She had received her first nomination for Carrie, which followed her breakthrough performance in Terry Malick's critically hailed Badlands. She received her third and fourth Best Actress Oscar nominations for her roles in Costa-Gavras' Missing, opposite Jack Lemmon, and Mark Rydell's The River, opposite Mel Gibson. She received her fifth nomination, as well as the NY Film Critics Award and a Golden Globe, for her performance in Crimes of the Heart with Diane Keaton and Jessica Lange.

Her additional film credits include Robert Altman's Three Women, Welcome to L.A. and Heartbeat; 'Night Mother, Marie, The Long Walk Home, Raggedy Man, JFK, and the ensemble cast of Truman Capote's The Grass Harp.


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