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BEN AFFLECK (bartender) captured an Academy Award with his first script, "Good Will Hunting," which he co-wrote and co-starred in with Matt Damon. Directed by Gus Van Sant, the film also garnered a Golden Globe for Best Original Screenplay and nine Academy Award™ nominations. In 1997 Affleck starred opposite Joey Lauren Adams in Kevin Smith's comedy "Chasing Amy," his second collaboration with Smith. His first was "Mallrats" and the third is the upcoming "Dogma." He will next be seen in the romantic comedy "Forces of Nature," in which he co-stars with Sandra Bullock. His other film credits include "Shakespeare in Love," "Armageddon," "Going All the Way," "Dazed and Confused," "Cruz" and "School Ties." In addition to his busy acting schedule, Affleck is in the process of writing three more screenplays.


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