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VINCENT D'ONOFRIO (Dock Newton) received critical praise for his performance as writer Robert E. Howard in the critically acclaimed film "The Whole Wide World." Last summer, he received audience and critical attention for his work in the blockbuster hit "Men In Black." He also has garnered praise for notable performances in such films as Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket," "Ed Wood" and "Strange Days."

D'Onofrio's additional credits include Robert Altman's "The Player," "Feeling Minnesota," "Dying Young" and "Guy," producing the latter. On the stage, he played 'Hoss' in Sam Shepard's off­Broadway play "Tooth of Crime."

D'Onofrio spends his time between New York and Los Angeles. He will next star in "World on a Wire," directed by Joseph Resnick, and in the big­budget sci­fi film "Supernova," opposite James Spader.

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