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PATRICIA ARQUETTE has distinguished herself as an actress of considerable range. Her latest roles showcase her diversity: she played a young wife and mother trying to help her husband discover his true identity in Miramax's hit comedy "Flirting With Disaster," from director David O. Russell. In David Lynch's "Lost Highway," Arquette plays two roles: Renee ­ a typical wife to screen husband Bill Pullman, and Alice ­ a gangster's girlfriend who is really the reincarnation of Renee.

Her other film credits include the compelling drama "Beyond Rangoon," the extremely inventive "Ed Wood" with Johnny Depp, the stoic tale of "Ethan Frome" costarring Liam Neeson and the wild­ride "True Romance" with Christian Slater. Arquette has also starred in "The Secret Agent," "Inside Monkey Zetterland," "Infinity" and Sean Penn's "The Indian Runner."

For television, Arquette won the ACE Award for Best Lead Actress for her powerful and sensitive portrayal of a hearing impaired epileptic in the Lifetime TV movie "Wildflower," directed by Diane Keaton.

Upcoming projects include "Goodbye Lover" and Stephen Frear's "Hi­Low Country."

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