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LISA KUDROW (Laura MacNamara) received last year's Emmy for her performance as Phoebe on the NBC-TV hit comedy series "Friends." The three time Emmy nominee has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor's Guild Award for her work on the show.

Kudrow was seen recently in "Clockwatchers" and the critical and popular success "The Opposite of Sex," and she previously starred with Mira Sorvino in the hit comedy "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion." She also co-starred in Albert Brooks' "Mother."

Born and raised in California, Kudrow attended Vassar College and graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology, intending to pursue a career in medical research with her father, a renowned headache specialist.

But when she returned to California after college, her passion for performing returned. Encouraged by her brother's good friend, actor/comedian Jon Lovitz, Kudrow began studying improvisation with Cynthia Szigeti and acting with Ian Tucker. In 1989, she became a member of Los Angeles' famed improvisational group, The Groundlings.

Kudrow has the distinction of appearing in two outstanding television series simultaneously. Along with her role as Phoebe on "Friends," she portrays Ursula on NBC's comedy "Mad About You."


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