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ISAIAH WASHINGTON is a young actor on the rise who plays Frank Beachum, the convicted murderer Steve Everett has been assigned to interview. Beachum has fewer than 12 hours to live and he has exhausted all of his appeal options. Now, his last resort, an alcoholic, admitted screw-up of an investigative reporter, is trying to save his life.

Washington brings a dedication and depth to his craft which is immediately evident onscreen. His performance as Frank Beachum was preceded by key roles in "Out of Sight," "Clockers," "Bulworth," "love jones," "Get On The Bus," "Girl 6," "Dead Presidents," "Crooklyn" and "Mixing Nia."

On television, Washington has appeared in a funny turn on "Ally McBeal" and in dramatic roles on "NYPD Blue," "Homicide," "Law and Order," "NY Undercover," "Always Outnumbered," "The Joe Torre Story," "Power: The Eddie Matos Story" and "Strapped."

Washington has appeared in a variety of regional plays such as "Police Boys," "The Skin of Our Teeth," "Distant Fires," "Fences," "Generations of The Dead," "Soulful Scream...," "Song of the Sad Young Men," "Vusumuzi," "Raisin In The Sun" and "Spell 7."


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