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DENIS LEARY (Bob Findley) is the assignment editor for The Oakland Tribune and Steve Everett's immediate boss. Findley is a man who appreciates order and structure, punctuality and discipline. He is a company man and, as such, has a big problem with Steve Everett.

All of this is compounded by the fact that Everett is sleeping with Findley's wife. It isn't an unusual pattern for Everett, but it does generate open tension, which has a way of compromising the work environment.

Denis Leary brings an incisive wit and edgy anger to his performances, much of which is reflected in his comedic standup work and the various roles he has taken in both television and film

Leary's feature roles include a rebellious ladybug in DreamWorks' "A Bug's Life"; a role in the ensemble drama "Monument Ave."; a part opposite Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman in Barry Levinson's Oscar-nominated "Wag the Dog"; an appearance in Tom DiCillo's "The Real Blonde" and a starring role opposite Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis in "The Ref."

Leary's production entity, Apostle, recently released its second independent film, the critically acclaimed "Monument Ave.," directed by Ted Demme, and produced Leary's HBO special, "Lock 'N Load," which attracted over 16 million viewers and was the follow-up to his Showtime special "No Cure For Cancer." Apostle also produced "Comics Come Home," which aired on Comedy Central on New Year's Eve and benefits the Cam Neely Foundation and the Neely House at the New England Medical Center.


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