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ROBERT CARLYLE (Colqhoun/Ives) starred in the 1997 hit "The Full Monty," released by Fox Searchlight Pictures. His portrayal of Gaz, an unemployed steel worker trying to put his life together, won raves around the world. Prior to "The Full Monty," Carlyle garnered stellar reviews as the psychopath Begbie, in Danny Boyle's "Trainspotting."

RAVENOUS marks Carlyle's fourth collaboration with director Antonia Bird. The pair had previously released the provocative drama "Priest," as well as "Face" and "Safe."

The Scottish born Carlyle also appeared in Ken Loach's "RiffRaff' and "Carla's Song," Michael Winterbottom's "Go Now," and will soon be starring in Alan Parker's "Angela's Ashes" opposite Emily Watson.


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