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MONICA CALHOUN (Ebony) began her career as a child actress in Percy Adlon's sleeper hit Baghdad Cafe and the family tale Jack the Bear, starring Danny DeVito. Since then, she has appeared in a number of feature films, including Sister Act 2, starring Whoopi Goldberg, and John Singleton's Higher Learning, which starred Ice Cube.

In 1993, she reunited with Adlon for Younger and Younger, a French-German production starring Donald Sutherland. She also appeared in the independent films Taking A Stand, The Friends, and the upcoming Park Day.

Calhoun's television credits include roles in 10 films made for television, including "The Ditch Digger's Daughters," "Rebound," "What About Your Friends," "The Ernest Green Story," "Pacific Station," "She Stood Alone," "Getting Straight," "Children of the Night" and "Different Worlds."

In addition, she has appeared as a guest star in a number of popular television series, including "Good News," "The Wayans Brothers," "A Different World," "Where I Live," and the television spin-off of her early feature, "Bagdad Cafe."

Her theater work includes "The African American," "Children of the Universe" and "You Don't Know Me But I'm Famous."


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