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GWYNETH PALTROW is two Helens on a collision course with fate in "Sliding Doors" ­­ one, a woman struggling to endure a lukewarm, adulterous boyfriend and a career­on­hold; the other a liberated spirit pursuing a bold and adventurous new life of achievement and unexpected romance.

Ever since Paltrow's remarkable performance in the critically acclaimed "Flesh and Bone,"also a Mirage Production, opposite Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, Hollywood has taken a keen interest in the future of this talented actress. Paltrow was last seen in the acclaimed title role of "Emma" based on Jane Austen's novel and directed by Doug McGrath and will next appear in two anticipated 1998 features: "Hush" opposite Jessica Lange, and in Alfonso Cuaron's "Great Expectations" with Ethan Hawke and Robert DeNiro.

Born in Los Angeles where she spent the first eleven years of her life, Gwyneth stems from a very close knit family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry. Her father, Bruce Paltrow, is a highly successful producer ("St. Elsewhere," "The White Shadow") and her mother is the award­winning actress Blythe Danner. Her film credits include: "The Pallbearer" with David Schwimmer and Barbara Hershey; "Seven" opposite Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman; "Moonlight and Valentino" opposite Whoopi Goldberg, Kathleen Turner and Elizabeth Perkins; Merchant Ivory's "Jefferson in Paris" opposite Nick Nolte; "Malice," "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle" and "Hard Eight."

Gwyneth and her younger brother Jake spent their early childhood in Los Angeles. When she was eleven, her family moved to New York and she enrolled at the Spence School where she would later graduate. She enrolled in the University of California at Santa Barbara with the intention of majoring in Art History, but quickly realized that she did not feel committed and withdrew from school despite her father's strong opposition. It wasn't until he caught her moving performance in the Williamstown Theatre production of "Picnic," starring opposite her mother and Tony Goldwyn, that he lent his support in her pursuit of her acting career.

Gwyneth's first film audition resulted in an offer of a supporting role in the feature film "Shout" with John Travolta. A chance meeting with Steven Spielberg led the director to ask her to play 'Young Wendy' in "Hook." Soon after this she accepted a role in the mini­series "Cruel Doubt" in which, ironically, Blythe Danner would later be cast as her mother.

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