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Academy Award-winning actress ANNA PAQUIN portrays Alison Kantrowitz, a rebellious 60s teen who finds her mother is making her own sexual discoveries. Paquin stunned the world in 1993 with her moving film debut at the age of 9 in Jane Campion's celebrated film "The Piano." She went on to receive the 1995 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the role and to become one of cinema's most promising and complex young talents, displaying a range of emotions and wealth of talent well beyond her years.

Paquin most recently appeared in Steven Spielberg's epic historical drama "Amistad," the acclaimed contemporary drama "Fly Away Home" opposite Jeff Daniels and Franco Zefirelli's adaptation of "Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre." She will next be seen in the motion picture version of the award-winning stage play "Hurlyburly" directed by Anthony Drazan. Starring with a cast that includes Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Chaz Palminteri, Garry Shandling, Meg Ryan and Robin Wright Penn, Paquin plays the young pawn in a game of sexual intrigue. Ever displaying a broad versatility, Paquin will follow that with Miramax's high school romantic comedy "She's All That," a contemporary Pygmalion tale about a popular high school boy's attempts to turn a geeky introvert into a prom queen. She is currently filming "All The Rage," playing a punk Lolita in an ensemble drama about the effects of violence in contemporary society.

On television, Paquin recently starred opposite Alfre Woodard as the Southern tomboy Frankie Adams in the USA Network's telefilm of Carson McCuller's beloved 1946 novel "Member of the Wedding."


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