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JUDE LAW plays TED PIKUL (rhymes with Michael), a rookie security guard who links into Geller's world.

Following eXistenZ, Law stars in the Miramax/Paramount film The Talented Mr. Ripley, directed by Anthony Minghella in Italy. The acclaimed British actor most recently starred in the science fiction thriller Gattaca, in which he plays an embittered paraplegic opposite Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, and as Lord Alfred Douglas, Oscar Wilde's lover in Wilde. The fast rising young actor also starred in MGM's Music From Another Room and Clint Eastwood's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as the Savannah hustler whose murder drives the story, set in the contemporary South.

After playing the lead in The Crane, a short film made for the British Film Institute, shown at the 1992 London Film Festival, Law made his feature film debut in 1993 opposite Sadie Frost in Channel Four Films Shopping, a story of joy-riding car thieves.

In 1995, he founded the London-based independent production company Natural Nylon, with Sadie Frost, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller and Sean Pertwee. The enterprising actors have a roster of films which they plan to star in and produce.

Law was born in London, where he started working at the National Youth Music Theatre when he was 14. Two years later, after landing a role on a television soap opera, Law quit high school and subsequently appeared on the West End stage followed by appearances with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Britain's National Theatre.

He won critical acclaim in a revival of Jean Cocteau's Les Parents Terribles for which he won an Olivier Award nomination for outstanding newcomer. When the production moved to Broadway in 1995 under the title Indiscretions, Law won a Theater World Award and Tony Award nomination for recreating his performance as the son of Kathleen Turner and Roger Rees.


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