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Director FREDERIK Du CHAU started drawing as a child, turning his creations into movies using his father's 8­millimeter camera. He attended film school in his native Belgium, where he studied both live­action filmmaking and animation. He soon began working as a director and animator on commercials and television series. He next worked in animation for Disney France, and then made a short animated film, The Mystery of the Lamb, that brought him to United States for the first time when it was selected for screening in the Los Angeles Animation Celebration.

Du Chau then spent time as an animator for independent animators Dale and Jane Baer at Baer Animation, where he worked on a number of Disney projects. He next co­directed (with Hoyt Yeatman of Dreamquest Images) a live­action, animated and CGI short for Sony Wonder, and directed the animation on "The Land Before Time 3," a direct­to­video spinoff of the hit feature film.

Du Chau then spent a stint at Chuck Jones Productions, where he came to the attention of Warner Bros. just as the studio was forming its Feature Animation division. Once there, Du Chau worked in development and was soon attached to direct a story set in the South Pacific that he'd sold to Warner Bros.. When he was asked to direct "Quest For Camelot," he put that other project aside to give his full attention to directing his first theatrical animated feature­length film.


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