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Producer DALISA COOPER COHEN was born and raised in Los Angeles, and graduated from UCLA with a degree in communications. She began her career as part of the Columbia Pictures Internship Program and later moved on to the William Morris Agency as assistant to agent Elaine Goldsmith. Next, Cooper Cohen worked in development at Bruce Willis' TriStar­based production company.

In 1989, she was involved in establishing Mel Gibson's Icon Productions, where she served as the company's Vice President, setting up projects with such diverse talent as director David Cronenberg and singer Bono Hewson of U2. She also served as the co­producer on Gibson's directorial debut, "The Man Without a Face." After that, she worked as a consultant to media mogul Ted Turner's company, helping to establish his feature­film division, Turner Pictures. She then joined Barry Levinson's Baltimore Pictures and served as producer Mark Johnson's co­producer on "A Little Princess," which was released by Warner Bros. She joined Warner Bros. Feature Animation as Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs just prior to beginning work on "Quest For Camelot."


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