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WARREN BEATTY (Bulworth / Director, Producer, Co­Writer) has been nominated for 13 Academy Awards; six pictures he has produced have won a total of 52 nominations. He received the Best Director Oscar49 for his work on "Reds" and has been nominated in four categories, as an actor, director, writer and producer on both "Heaven Can Wait" and "Reds," an honor shared only by Orson Welles for "Citizen Kane.',

Beatty first drew attention as an actor for his Broadway debut in the William Inge play, "A Loss of Roses." In 1961 he made his film debut in an acclaimed performance in Inge's "Splendor in the Grass," directed by Elia Kazan. His subsequent films include Tennessee Williams' "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone," William Inge's "All Fall Down," Robert Altman's "McCabe and Mrs. Miller," Robert Rossen's "Lilith," Arthur Penn's "Mickey One," George Stevens' "The Only Game in Town," Alan Pakula's "The Parallax View" and Mike Nichols' "The Fortune."

"Bonnie and Clyde," which Beatty produced and starred in, received 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor; "Shampoo," which he produced, starred in and co­wrote, earned four Oscar nominations; "Heaven Can Wait," which Beatty co­wrote with Elaine May, received nine nominations and marked Beatty's directorial debut (in collaboration with Buck Henry); "Reds," which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in, earned 12 Academy Award nominations and Best Picture and Director honors from the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Board of Review, giving Beatty an Oscar as Best Director, as well as the Best Director award from the Directors Guild of America. "Dick Tracy," which he produced, directed and starred in, received seven Oscar nominations; and "Buggy," which Beatty produced and starred in opposite Annette Bening for the first time, received 10 Oscar nominations. He again starred opposite Bening in 1994 in "Love Affair," which he also produced and co­wrote.

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