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DEAN DEVLIN (Producer/Co-Writer) produced and co-wrote the boxoffice phenomenon "Independence Day" and performed the same tasks on the 1994 epic science-fiction adventure "StarGate." Devlin also wrote the 1992 action-adventure "Universal Soldier," starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, which Emmerich directed.

           Devlin began his career as an actor, featured in James Kirkwood's Broadway production of "There Must Be A Pony." He appeared in numerous film and television projects, with notable performances on "L.A. Law" and on a short-lived CBS series "Hard Copy." He also appeared in Roland Emmerich's science fiction feature "Moon 44" in 1989. The two found they enjoyed similar movies and Devlin's writing ability impressed the director as much as his acting. Devlin subsequently gave up acting to write and produce movies with Emmerich, under his Centropolis Films banner.


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