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NOAH EMMERICH (Marlon) made his feature film debut in the role of Mo in "Beautiful Girls," directed by Ted Demme. Prior to filming "The Truman Show," he completed a role in "Copland," playing the deputy to Sylvester Stallone's sheriff in the drama also starring Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel. Following "The Truman Show," Emmerich co-stars alongside Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Colm Meany in the independent film "Noose." Emmerich is currently filming "Life," starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, once again under the direction of "Beautiful Girls" helmer Ted Demme.

Emmerich graduated with honors from Yale University with a degree in history. He also studied filmmaking at New York University, where he wrote and directed the short film "The Painter," which won the prestigious Cine Award and took First Prize at Spain's Badalona International Film Festival. His most recent short film, "The Date," is currently touring the festival circuit.

Born and raised in New York City, Emmerich worked as a travel writer upon his graduation from college. Based in Southeast Asia, Emmerich contributed to the book The Young Adventurer's Guide to Australia. Emmerich resides in Los Angeles. He was recently selected by Los Angeles Magazine as one of seven young actors to watch.


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