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NICHOLAS LEA was born June 22, 1962 in New Westminster, B.C., Canada. He didn't take up acting until he was twenty-five; before that he sold clothes and was the lead singer for a band called "Beau Monde." His acting training comes from the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Charles Conrad Studios, and the Gastown Actor's Studio. He currently resides in Vancouver.


Nick's other reoccuring roles, besides that of Alex Krycek on "The X-Files," has been in the ABC cop show "The Commish" as Ricky Caruso. His guest appearances include "Highlander," "Sliders," "Jake and the Kid," "Lonesome Dove," "E.N.G.," "Taking the Falls," "Robin's Hoods," "The Marshall," "The Hat Squad," "North of 60" and "Madison."


Nick Lea's film appearances include "The Tool Shed," "Star 80," "From Pig to Oblivion," "American Boyfriends," "Xtro II:The Second Encounter," "The Raffle," and "Bad Company". He has also recently starred in Fox's movie, "Once A Thief," directed by John Woo.


Nick's stage appearences include "For What We Reap" (Station Street Theatre), "Bloody Business" (Western Canadian Theatre CO./New Bastion Theatre), "Fair Game" (Arts Club Theatre), and "At Home" (Gastown Theatre).

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