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GEORGE CLOONEY recently starred as Colonel Tom Devoe in The Peacemaker and as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the blockbuster Batman & Robin. Last year, he filmed a cameo in Terence Malick's highly-anticipated drama The Thin Red Line. In 1996, Clooney starred opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the romantic comedy One Fine Day, and in the vampire thriller From Dusk Till Dawn, with Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis.

He is also known to television audiences from his acclaimed portrayal of Dr. Douglas Ross on NBC's hit medical drama ER.

Clooney's creative inclination lies behind the camera as well. He formed Maysville Pictures, which has a first-look deal with Warner Bros. to develop and produce feature films. Clooney also heads Mirador Entertainment, a television production company.


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