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RENE RUSSO (Catherine Banning) has risen in the past decade to become one of the most prominent actresses in motion pictures.

In addition to starring opposite Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 3 & 4, Russo starred with him in Ron Howard's Ransom. She has also starred with Kevin Costner in Tin Cup, John Travolta, Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito in Get Shorty, Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman in Wolfgang Petersen's Outbreak, Clint Eastwood in Petersen's In the Line of Fire and opposite a very large, handsome ape in the family film Buddy, which was based on the life of socialite Trudy Lintz. She will next be seen with Robert De Niro and Jason Alexander in the feature film Rocky and Bullwinkle, based on the landmark cartoon show.

A native of California, Russo grew up in Burbank and at 18 was discovered at a rock concert and asked to be a model. She quickly became one of the top fashion and photography models for the Ford Agency, appearing on the cover of every major fashion magazine throughout the late 1970s and 1980s.

Russo made her feature film debut co-starring in the hit comedy Major League with Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen. She next appeared in Mr. Destiny, followed by Freejack, written by her husband Dan Gilroy, and One Good Cop opposite Michael Keaton.

Russo and Gilroy live in Los Angeles with their daughter Rosie.


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