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CLARENCE WILLIAMS III (Colonel George Fowler) is a veritable icon in the entertainment industry, whether playing undercover cop Linc Hayes in the classic television series The Mod Squad or portraying the terrifying elder statesman, Bub Hewlett, of Harlem's gangster underworld in the critically praised film HOODLUM. He recently wowed critics and fans alike with his performance in TNT's award-winning miniseries Wallace, opposite Gary Sinise, under the direction of John Frankenheimer.

William's resume boasts a wide variety of roles in such feature films as DUST AND STARDUST, HALF-BAKED, SPRUNG, TALES FROM THE HOOD, SUGAR HILL, THE IMMORTALS, RITUALS, DEEP COVER, I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA, TOUGH GUYS DON'T DANCE, 52 PICK UP and PURPLE RAIN. He also appeared in Johnny Depp's recent directorial debut, THE BRAVE, which opened at last year's Cannes Film Festival.

His work in television also includes the HBO movies Against the Wall for John Frankenheimer and Angel in Harlem directed by Eriq LaSalle. He has appeared in the telefilms The Love Bug and L.A. Woman, and guest starred on a variety of series including Walker, Texas Ranger, The Cosby Murder Mysteries, Millenium, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Twin Peaks and Gabriel's Fire.

Williams began his acting career on the New York stage, debuting in Dark of the Moon in 1960. He earned a Tony nomination and a Theatre World Award for his work in Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, and has performed in such Broadway productions as The Long Dream, Walk in Darkness, Doubletalk, The Great Indoors, The Party on Greenwich Avenue, Suspenders, Tom Stoppard's Night and Day and in the New York Shakespeare Festival staging of King John.

Most recently Williams completed principal photography on LIFE starring Eddie Murphy and on the soon to be released THE LEGEND OF A PIANIST opposite Vincent D'Onofrio.


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