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OLIVER PARKER has worked extensively as both an actor and theater director. He directed his own adaptation of "Othello" starring Laurence Fishburne, Irene Jacob and Kenneth Branagh, for Castle Rock Entertainment. In addition, Parker wrote, directed and acted alongside his brother Nathaniel Parker, in his first short film "Unsigned," which was featured in the London Film Festival that year. He made another two short films, "A Little Loving," starring Helena Bonham Carter and "The Short Cut." All three short films have been bought and screened by Channel 4 and shown around the world.

For television, in 1996, Parker directed two monologues " Billingsgate Alfie," starring Jim Broadbent and "Copper Clive" starring Steve Tompkinson. Both projects were written by Tony Grounds for the "First Sign of Madness" series for Carlton Television. Since then he has been writing and developing films.


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