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Academy Award­winner BILLY BOB THORNTON (NASA Executive Director Dan Truman) has an extensive and impressive career in motion pictures, television and theatre. Charismatic and uniquely talented, Thornton has established himself as one of the most sought­after filmmakers of his generation.

The 1996 release of the critically acclaimed and phenomenally popular film "Sling Blade", which he starred in and directed from a script he wrote, firmly secured Thornton's status as a preeminent filmmaker. For his efforts, he was honored with the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and a nomination for Best Actor. The film also starred Robert Duvall, J.T. Walsh, Dwight Yoakam and John Ritter.

Thornton also co­wrote (with Tom Epperson) and starred in the sleeper hit "One False Move," directed by Carl Franklin. In addition, he has been featured in director Mike Nichols' "Primary Colors," "The Winner" for director Alex Cox, "Indecent Proposal" for Adrian Lyne, "Deadman" for director Jim Jarmusch and "Tombstone" by George Cosmatos for Touchstone Pictures.

Thornton recently completed filming "A Simple Plan" and "Pushing Tin" and will begin his next directorial effort, "All the Pretty Horses" starring Mat Damon, early next year.


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