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OWEN WILSON (Luke) has enjoyed success behind the camera as a writer and producer, in addition to his acting.

As an actor, he followed "The Haunting" with the dark comedy "The Minus Man." which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Last summer, he co-starred in the blockbuster action thriller "Armageddon," in which he joined Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck on a mission to save earth from an asteroid. Wilson's other credits include "Bottle Rocket," "Breakfast of Champions," "Permanent Midnight," "Anaconda," and "The Cable Guy." He next teams with Jackie Chan in "Shanghai Noon," which is currently filming in Calgary.

Wilson made his feature film debut starring in "Bottle Rocket," which he also co-wrote with director Wes Anderson. Produced by James L. Brooks, "Bottle Rocket" brought Wilson critical praise for his work as an actor and as a writer. Wilson later served as an associate producer on Brooks' Oscar-winning hit "As Good As It Gets."

Last year, Wilson and Anderson again teamed as co-writers of the critically acclaimed comedy "Rushmore," staffing Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, which was included on many top-10 lists for 1998. Wilson also shared executive producer duties with Anderson, who directed the film. The two are currently collaborating on a screenplay for a new film about a dysfunctional family of geniuses, which Wilson will star in and executive produce and Anderson will direct and produce.

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