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GABRIEL BYRNE (Andrew Kiernan) is a much sought-after leading man in films as well as a film producer and director.

A native of Dublin, Ireland, he began his acting career onstage at the Abbey Theatre and soon joined the Royal Court Theatre of London. He made his film debut for director John Boorman in Excalibur in 1981. His subsequent film work includes the features Siesta, Miller's Crossing, Into the West, which he produced and starred in, Cool World, A Dangerous Woman, Point of No Return, Little Women, The Usual Suspects, Smilla's Sense of Snow, Polish Wedding, Enemy of the State and provided his voice for the animated Quest For Camelot. He most recently starred in The Man in the Iron Mask opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. He will next be seen starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the forthcoming thriller End of Days due out this Thanksgiving.

Byrne published his first book, Pictures in My Head, in 1997 and produced the television documentary When Ireland Starved for National Geographic. He was a producer on such films as Into the West, In the Name Of the Father, Dr. Hagard's Disease, The Brylcreem Boys, The Last Of the High Kings and Mad About Mambo.


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