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Producer FRANK MANCUSO, JR. is a prolific filmmaker who most recently created the MGM Pictures' science fiction film Species 2 (the sequel to his 1995 box-office hit Species) as well as the action adventure Ronin, starring Robert De Niro and directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer. He began his film career in the early 1980s and took over the successful Friday the 13th horror film franchise by making the films Friday the 13th, Part III and Friday the 13th, Part IV. He served as executive producer on the subsequent sequels Friday the 13th, Parts V-VIII as well as the television anthology series Friday the 13th, The Series.

Among his many film productions are the features Off the Wall, The Man Who Wasn't There, April Fool's Day, Internal Affairs, He Said, She Said, Permanent Record, Cool World, Body Parts, Back to the Beach, Hoodlum and Fled. His most recent feature is the forthcoming MGM film Mary Jane's Last Dance.


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