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PATRICIA ARQUETTE (Frankie Paige) has established herself as a versatile leading lady in motion pictures as well as television. In film, she has worked with such celebrated directors as David Lynch (Lost Highway), John Boorman (Beyond Rangoon), Tim Burton (Ed Wood) and Tony Scott (True Romance) among several others.

Born in Chicago into an acting family that includes father Lewis, grandfather Cliff and siblings Rosanna, David and Alexis, Arquette was raised in Southern California. She first gained notice starring as a deaf woman in the Lifetime television film Wildflower, directed by Diane Keaton (for which she also won the CableAce Award as Best Actress in a Movie for Cable). After working for eventual Stigmata director Rupert Wainwright in the TV film Dillinger, she moved into feature films with roles in Nightmare On Elm Street III, Inside Monkey Zetterling, Far North, The Indian Runner, Ethan Frome, Holy Matrimony, Infinity, Flirting With Disaster, The Secret Agent, Nightwatch, Goodbye Lover and The Hi-Lo Country (for director Stephen Frears).

Her most recent work includes starring roles in the films In the Boom Boom Room and Martin Scorsese's forthcoming Bringing Out the Dead (which also stars her husband, actor Nicolas Cage).

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