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SALMA HAYEK plays Anita, a singer who is sure her job as a Studio coat-check girl will help her land a record deal. "She's talented, she's dedicated and she's frustrated," said Hayek. "And she's constantly changing her look because she's hoping to be discovered."

She's also married to a cute busboy named Greg -- but on her own terms. "Anita believes in free love," Hayek explained. "When she married Greg, she told him, 'Look, I love you and I'll marry you, but I want my freedom."

Hayek came to "54" directly from "Velocity of Gary", an independent drama about a love triangle. She recently starred in "Fools Rush In" and "Fled". She made her feature film debut in Robert Rodriguez's "Desperado", and also appeared in Allison Anders' "Mi Vida Loca". Hayek was a successful actress in Mexico and starred in the series "Teresa" before re-launching her career in the U.S. five years ago. She spoke no English at the time. In her next film, "Frida", she will portray the Mexican-born artist and cultural icon Frida Kahlo.


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