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NEVE CAMPBELL laughs when she describes Julie Black. "She's a soap opera celebrity who dates a lot of casting directors to get jobs." But Campbell is also sympathetic to her character: "She's not the classiest woman in the world, but she tries. She's had just enough success to become lost."

To Shane, Julie is a mystery and a goddess. "She represents Shane's fantasy of what Studio 54 is," Campbell said. "But she reflects Shane's reality, too, because she's also from New Jersey, and has changed her life, just as Shane hopes to do."

The glamourous enigma is new territory for Campbell, who has been widely praised for her portrayals of smart, complex teens. She has developed a devoted audience in the acclaimed series "Party of Five" and in MTV's Best Movie of 1996, "Scream". In the recently released "Scream 2", she took her character Sidney Prescott to new levels of toughness and terror. Campbell played a teenage witch in the black comedy "The Craft" in 1996, and made her acting debut in the Toronto premiere of Phantom of the Opera. She was also recently seen in the erotic thriller "Wild Things".


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