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MIKE MYERS, who has created classic characters as a comedic actor, makes his dramatic debut as Steve Rubell in "54". "Steve Rubell is sort of the wizard of Oz of this amazing hedonistic pleasure dome, and the catalyst for Shane's transformation from innocence to experience," said Myers.

A native of Toronto, Myers was a high school punk rocker in 1979, worlds away from the Studio scene. He researched his role extensively and worked with a speech pathologist to supplant his Canadian accent with Rubell's nasal New York whine. He also spent hours each day with a prosthetics hair and make-up team to approximate Rubell's appearance. But the biggest stretch was rendering his character's drug-induced behavior. "I never really did a lot of drugs," said Myers. "All the drugs Steve did were about relaxation and excitement, kind of the feeling you get when you're having fun at a party. It was quite enjoyable getting into those states, knowing I'd have no hangover."

Previously, Myers starred in the hit comedy "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", which he also wrote and produced. He first gained notoriety on "Saturday Night Live", where he won an Emmy Award for writing and was Emmy-nominated for "Best Performance in a Comedy or Variety Show". Myers' many memorable SNL creations include the effusive Linda Richman, host of "Coffee Talk", and, of course, partyman Wayne Campbell. Myers and Wayne were a huge hit on the big screen in "Wayne's World" and "Wayne's World 2". Myers also starred in the romantic comedy "So I Married an Axe Murderer". His next film projects are the romantic comedy "Just Like Me", and the dark drama "Meteor".


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