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ADAM FIELDS (Producer) most recently produced Ravenous, released by Twentieth Century Fox.

Fields joined Polygram Pictures at age 24; within a year he was named the company's Executive Vice President of Production, supervising pictures such as An American Werewolf in London, Six Weeks, Missing and Endless Love.

Fields was executive producer on the hugely successful soundtrack album and hit single for Endless Love, and supervised the triple-platinum soundtrack for Flashdance.

Fields next moved to Universal Pictures, where he oversaw such popular films as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. He then established his own production company, producing and executive-producing Vision Quest, Johnny Be Good, Great Balls of Fire, Money Train and other films. Fields later became president of Peters Entertainment, where he developed and packaged numerous projects, including Rosewood and the recent Wild, Wild West.

Fields also created the innovative and enormously successful startup company, Preview Tech, a multimedia marketing system that put theatrical movie trailers on the in-store monitors of mass electronics retailers throughout the country.


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