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AMY SMART (Jane Weston) Amy Smart plays Jane Weston, the Ivy League-bound beauty who finds her fate tied up with a boy from Pawtucket. Smart has been seen in "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" with Keanu Reeves, in the intergalactic saga "Starship Troopers," in the independent film "How To Make The Cruelest Month" and in the hit comedy "Varsity Blues."

Smart began her career on the television mini-series "Seduced By Madness." She went on to perform in MTV's "Rock The Vote" and the NBC drama "Consensual Relations." On the big screen, she appeared in a series of independent films including "High Voltage" and "Strange Land." Smart, who studied with Howard Fine and the Groundlings, has appeared on stage in "The Balcony Scene," "The Rats" and "Snow Leopards."


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