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KEVIN BRODIE (Director / Co-Screenwriter) began his entertainment career as a young actor, starring in such films as Vincente Minnelli's "Some Came Running," "The Five Pennies" and "8 on the Lam" and on such television series as "Bonanza," "Mannix" "Gunsmoke" and "The Fugitive." He then segued into production, working as an assistant director, line producer and production manager, eventually producing and directing cable specials and documentaries such as "Lions for Breakfast" and "The Nobel Prize Winners." He also headed a post-production company specializing in doctoring studio films.

Brodie made his motion picture directorial debut (also serving as co-producer and screenwriter) of "Delta Pi," which starred Ruth Gordon. He then served as executive producer on "Tropical Snow" and pulled triple-duty again (directing, producing and screenwriting) on "Treacherous," with C. Thomas Howell. He also produced the Eric Roberts film "The End," also starring Tia Carrere and Adam Baldwin.


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