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HERB NANAS has worked for over three decades in the entertainment industry, as a top talent agent, personal manager, and producer.

Nearly 30 years ago, Nanas gave up a promising future at the William Morris Agency to act as personal manager for an acclaimed young comedian named Albert Brooks. That relationship continues to this day.

Nanas personally shaped the careers of Sylvester Stallone (from struggling actor to superstar) and Roseanne (from the comedy club circuit to her hit television series Roseanne in only three years).

His feature film credits as producer include Albert Brooks' Mother, John Herzfeld's 2 Days in the Valley, and Bruce Malmuth's Nighthawks.

Nanas executive-produced Albert Brooks' Defending Your Life and Lost in America; as well as Michael Ritchie's The Scout, Richard Sarafian's Eye of the Tiger, Ted Kotcheff's First Blood, and Sylvester Stallone's Rocky III.

For television, he produced Proudheart, the first original telefilm for TNN, which received an ACE Award nomination. He has executive-produced three comedy specials for HBO: On Location: The Roseanne Barr Special (which also received an ACE Award nomination), Just Words (with Larry Miller), and Revelations (with Bill Hicks). He also served as executive producer on the television series Man in the Family.


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