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Director GREGORY NAVA most recently directed the critically praised "Selena," which was distributed by Warner Bros. and starred Jennifer Lopez. "Selena" earned the 1998 Alma and Imagen Awards, both for Best Picture. In 1997, Nava was honored with the Vision Award and in 1996, he won the Angel Award from the Bilingual Foundation for the Arts, earning both for his filmic achievements to date.

Nava wrote and directed the multi-generational feature film "My Family/Mi Fain ilia, " starring Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos, and co-wrote and directed the Academy Award-nominated drama "El Norte," about two young Guatemalan refugees fleeing to reach the American border. In 1987, Nava directed the feature film "A Time of Destiny," starring William Hurt and Timothy Hutton, and in 1973, he wrote, produced and directed "The Confessions of Aman," which won the 1976 Best Feature Award at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Nava was born in San Diego and attended UCLA Film School, where his half-hour film based on the life of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, entitled "The Journal of Diego Rodrigues Silva," was named Best Dramatic Film at the National Student Film Festival.


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