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Prior to ROUNDERS, JOHN DAHL's filmmaking career was kicked off by three edgy thrillers, "Kill Me Again," "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction." With these films, Dahl has incited a revival down-trodden heroes who inhabit the mysterious shadows of film noir. He has also established his own neo-noir genre combining twisted plots, chilling villains and a moral landscape that is as scary as it is realistically contemporary.

Dahi made his feature debut with "Kill Me Again" (which he co-wrote with his longtime partner David Warfield), which starred Joanne Whalley Kilmer, Val Kilmer and Michael Madsen in an intricately plotted story of a trio trying to outwit one another for a large stash of cash. The film quickly developed a cult following and led to a second feature for Propaganda Films, "Red Rock West," which he co-wrote with his brother Rick.

Starring Nicholas Cage in the hard-boiled tale of a hapless guy mistaken for a hitman for hire, "Red Rock West" drew a substantial audience from an early release on video and subsequently became one of the most acclaimed independent films of the decade -- sexy, shocking and visionary. The success led to DahI's third film, "The Last Seduction" (from an original screenplay by Steve Barancik), starring Linda Fiorentino. Named one of the best pictures of the year by many film critics, the film also garnered Fiorentino the Best Actress award from the New York Film Critics circle and an Independent Feature Project's Spirit award.

Dahl next gave his thrills a scientific twist in "Unforgettable," a murder mystery for Dino De Laurentiis and MGM. Re-written by Dahl and his brother Rick (based on an original screenplay by Bill Geddie), the film stars Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino.

A native of Montana, Dahl had an early interest in art, music and drama which grew into a love of film. After earning a B.S. in film production at Montana State University, Dahl moved to Washington DC where he spent a year working in production as an assistant director. A desire to write and direct then led him to the American Film Institute in 1982 where he became a directing fellow. Upon graduation from AFI, Dahl worked as a storyboard artist on commercials and music videos, eventually becoming known for his work directing the latter. He served as a storyboard artist for such features films as "Robocop," "Something Wild" and "Married To The Mob."


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