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BRUCE BERESFORD (Director) is a distinguished director and writer whose films include "Breaker Morant," which he wrote and directed and which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay; and "Tender Mercies," which brought him his second Oscar nomination, this one as Best Director. "Breaker Morant" also won 11 Australian Film Institute Awards, including Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Among Beresford's other directing credits are "Driving Miss Daisy," which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy; "The Fringe Dwellers," which he also wrote; and "Crimes of the Heart," which was nominated for three Academy Awards.

In 1990, Beresford directed "Mister Johnson," the first feature to be shot entirely in Nigeria. That was followed by "Black Robe," the first Australian/Canadian co-production, which won six Genie Awards (the Canadian equivalent to the Academy Awards), including Best Film and Best Director. Most recently Beresford wrote and directed "Paradise Road," based on a true story of a group of women held in a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Other credits include "Money Movers," "The Club," "Puberty Blues," "Rich in Love," "Silent Fall" and "Last Dance."

Beresford has also directed several operas, including "Girl of the Golden West," staged for the Spoleto Festival in Charleston and Spoleto (Italy), and "Elektra," which was staged for the State Opera Company of South Australia and performed in Adelaide and Melbourne. It won the award for Best Opera Production of 1991.

Beresford was born in Australia and graduated from Sydney University in 1962. He served as film officer for the British Film Institute Production Board from 1966-71 and as film adviser to the Arts Council of Great Britain.


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