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Pleasantville's most powerful man, Big Bob, is portrayed by the late J.T. WALSH. Walsh amassed an impressive list of credits with major roles in over thirty motion pictures including Sling Blade, Breakdown, Outbreak, The Last Seduction, The Client, Needful Things, Hoffa, Red Rock West, A Few Good Men, Backd raft, The Grifters, Good Moming, Vietnam, and Tin Men.

In addition, he starred in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway production of "Glengarry Glen Ross," as well as "Rose" with Glenda Jackson, "Macbeth" with Nicol Williamson and "Last Licks" with Ed Flanders.

He also appeared in Goldie Hawn's directorial debut Hope for TNT.

J.T. Walsh passed away in February, 1998. Pleasantville is his last film.


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