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THANDIE NEWTON (Beloved) was born to a Zimbabwean mother and an English father, and she was raised in Zambia until she was five years old. Due to the political unrest in the country, her family then relocated to England.

At age 16, she won the lead role in John Duigan's critically acclaimed "Flirting," playing a Ugandan girl isolated in an Australian ladies academy who begins a romance with a teenage boy from the neighboring boarding school. After completing the role, she returned to England to continue her education, earning a B.A. with honors in anthropology at Cambridge University.

Her feature credits also include "The Young Americans," "Loaded," "Interview with the Vampire," "Jefferson in Paris," "The Journey of August King," and "The Leading Man."

She also starred opposite Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur in "Gridlock'd." She recently completed filming Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Siege," in which she costarred with David Thewlis.


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