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Being John Malkovich marks the feature-length directorial debut of award-winning music video, short films, and commercial director SPIKE JONZE (Director).

He got his start co-directing (with Mark Gonzales) a 30-minute documentary about the renowned Blind Skateboarding Team. The film caught the attention of MPR, a ship-building firm in Marina Del Rey, who commissioned a series of industrial films. Jonze's pairing of interesting visuals and contemporary music in this early work formed the genesis of what would become a successful career in music videos.

His direction of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" music video (1994), a spoof of 1970s television cop shows, received critical praise and numerous awards. Ever since, Jonze's music videos have been nominated annually for MTV Video Music Awards. He has worked with such talented artists as Bjork, The Pharcyde, Fat Boy Slim, Puff Daddy, Daft Punk, R.E.M., Sean Leimon, and Weezer.

His foray into directing commercials has been fruitful as well. His spots have received several awards, including the coveted Palme D'Or at the Cannes International Advertising Film Festival -- the highest accolade in the international advertising community. His commercial clients include Nike, Coca-Cola, Lee Jeans, Sprite, and Nissan.

For three consecutive years, Jonze's work was featured at the Sundance Film Festival. First came his 1996 onscreen appearance in Francine McDougall's "Pig," followed in 1997 by his own short film "How They Get There" (also shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Tokyo's Sundance Festival, and the Los Angeles International Film Festival), and in 1998 by his documentary short "Amarillo By Morning."

He will reunite with Being John Malkovich screenwriter Charlie Kaufman to produce "Human Nature," which Michel Gondry will direct from Kaufman's screenplay.

Jonze is also an accomplished photographer. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Interview, Ray Gun, The Face, Entertainment Weekly, and Details.

Additionally, Jonze performs all his own stunts.

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