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DAVE FOLEY (Flik) is the charismatic, comical and eternally optimistic voice behind a brave little ant who has mighty big plans for saving his colony

DAVE FOLEY (Flik) is the charismatic, comical and eternally optimistic voice behind a brave little ant who has mighty big plans for saving his colony. Even when the going gets tough, this resourceful-but-misguided ant risks everything and keeps his hopes high despite some major setbacks and the prevailing perception that he is a failure.

"Getting the part of Flik has been a geek dream come true," confesses Foley. "The script was very funny and I came in to read for it because I really wanted to meet the guys that did 'Toy Story.' I was just blown away by that film. I didn't actually expect them to hire me but I guess that's the risk I took. Seriously, I was shocked when I got the part and I wondered if perhaps there had been some mishandling or mislabeling of the tapes. I'm giddy just to be involved in something like this. They're a great group of people and they've really pushed for quality every step of the way.

"You start to feel like an idiot when you're recording a voice for an animated film," continues Foley. "All you hear is your own irritating honking voice over and over again. It's a very unnatural thing to be doing. And then you look at the animation and there's so much charm and character put into the movement and the facial expressions. The way they detail it and articulate the face is amazing."

The experience of doing the voice of an animated ant has been a life-changing one for the comedian/actor. "I've always had a great respect for bugs," notes Foley, "but now I'm financially indebted to them. So that's a bit of a change in attitude. I never thought I'd make money off of the insect kingdom."

Foley currently stars in the NBC television comedy series "NewsRadio." Born and raised in Toronto, he attended alternative high schools where he began writing stand-up comedy for a creative writing project. His interest in improving those comedic skills led him to comedy workshops where he met and teamed with Kevin McDonald and Luc Casmiri's improvisational troupe, Kids in the Hall.

Working as theater ushers in a downtown art house cinema, Foley and McDonald dreamed of the day they would make their living doing comedy. In 1984, Foley and McDonald joined forces with Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch ("The Audience") and then took on Scott Thompson to complete the "expanded" Kids in the Hall.

The Kids in the Hall quickly gained a following and in 1987 the group shot its first television special for the Canadian Broadcasting Company and HBO. Foley's dream of becoming a professional comedian came to life, and Foley and McDonald's absurdist humor earned the team an Emmy for writing and performing on their American television series, "Kids in the Hall."

He attributes most of his interest in the performing arts to such stellar role models as Frank Zappa, Jerry Lewis, the Marx brothers, Buster Keaton and Monty Python.

His most recent film credits include the movies "The Wrong Guy," which he co-wrote with Dave Higgins ("Ellen") and filmed in his hometown of Toronto; "Hacks" and the feature film "Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy." He will next appear in "Blast From the Past" and "Dick," both of which will be released in 1999.

Additionally, he starred as astronaut Al Bean in the Emmy nominated HBO miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon," produced by


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