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PETER BERG (Writer and Director) is a member of a small, elite group of performers and filmmakers who are creating vehicles for their multiple talents.

A screenwriter, director and actor whose experience spans television, film and theatre, Berg has penned two episodes of the popular television series "Chicago Hope," in which he stars as the aggressive and occasionally hostile surgeon Dr. William Kronk, winning rave reviews for his portrayal. For "Very Bad Things" he directed his own screenplay. His first screenplay, co-written with Michael Schiffer and entitled "Furious George", was a madcap thriller about an innocent man caught up in a political assassination plot. Berg is now writing a heist film revolving around a group of New York City firemen and will direct the project for Interscope, with Schiffer producing.

Berg has starred in numerous films, including "Copland", opposite Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro, "The Great White Hype" with Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee's "Girl Six". His breakthrough as an actor came with his starring role opposite Linda Fiorentino in "The Last Seduction", for which he received critical acclaim. Other films include "Shocker", "Late for Dinner", "Crooked Hearts", "A Midnight Clear", "Aspen Extreme" and "Fire in the Sky". In addition to his ongoing role in "Chicago Hope," he has also starred in several television productions, including "Rise and Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story."


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