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CHRISTIAN SLATER (Robert Boyd/Executive Producer) is one of the entertainment industry's most versatile young talents. He has starred on and off Broadway, made more than 20 feature films and recently became a producer and director. Before starring in and executive producing Very Bad Things, he starred in and co-produced the action feature Hard Rain.

Slater has been acting since the age of nine when he made his stage debut in "The Music Man" with Dick Van Dyke. He then appeared in Broadway productions ranging from "Macbeth" to "David Copperfield" and "Merlin," and starred off-Broadway in "Landscape of the Body," "Between Daylight and Boonville" and others. He attended the prestigious Dalton School and Professional Children's School.

His screen debut came in 1985 in "The Legend of Billie Jean" and was followed by memorable performances in Jean-Jacques Annaud's "The Name of the Rose", Francis Ford Coppola's "Tucker: The Man and his Dream", the black comedy "Heathers", "Young Guns II", "Pump Up the Volume", the 1991 smash hit "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" and Tony Scott's "True Romance", written by Quentin Tarantino. He won critical acclaim for his performances in "Untamed Heart", Interview with the Vampire and Murder in the First. Slater has also starred in the romantic fairy tale "Bed of Roses", John Woo's "Broken Arrow", "The Tears of Julian Po" and last year's "Basil", which he also co-produced.

In 1991 Slater directed "The Laughter Epidemic," a children's musical benefiting The Pediatric AIDS Foundation. He recently made his film directorial debut with the Showtime short feature Museum of Love.


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