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KEVIN POLLAK (Chicago) has been performing stand-up comedy since the age of ten. In the last decade, Pollak has expanded his comedic talents and acting to include a diversity of serious character roles within a vast body of film work.

In a short period of time, Pollak has worked with an extraordinary wealth of talent. His first career-altering film role was in Barry Levinson's Avalon. He then co-starred with Steve Martin in L.A. Story and Denzel Washington in Ricochet. Shortly after Ricochet, Rob Reiner cast Pollak opposite Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore in A Few Good Men.

Since landing A Few Good Men, Pollak has been working non-stop. He starred in Indian Summer with Diane Lane and Bill Paxton, the box office hit Grumpy Old Men with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, as well as the hit sequel Grumpier Old Men, and Hollywood Pictures' romantic comedy Miami Rhapsody opposite Sarah Jessica Parker and Antonio Banderas. Pollak appeared opposite Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey in the international sensation The Usual Suspects and performed with Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro in Martin Scorsese's Casino. Pollak's shared main title credits with comedic sparring partner Jamie Lee Curtis in the comedy House Arrest while also appearing in Miramax's She's All That.

Recently, Pollak starred in Deterrence, a political thriller directed by Rod Lurie which co-stars Tim Hutton and Sheryl Lee Ralph and will be released in 2000. Additional upcoming projects include Abby, in which he co-stars with Vincent D'Onofrio and Warner Bros.' The Whole Nine Yards, directed by Jonathan Lynn, which also stars Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.

Pollak has starred in two of his own HBO stand-up comedy specials. The first, One Night Stand, followed by Kevin Pollak, Stop With The Kicking, directed by David Steinberg. Throughout the last ten years, Kevin has remained faithful to his stand-up comedy roots, however, his award-winning film career has set him apart from his stand-up comedic peers. Pollak co-created, co-executive produced and starred in The Underworld, a crime telepic for Warner Brothers and NBC. More recently, he co-executive produced and starred with Nancy Travis on the CBS sitcom Work With Me.

Pollak lives in Los Angeles where he and his wife Lucy Webb are partners at Calm Down Productions.


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