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ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's (Jericho Cane) keen determination and pursuit of excellence have brought him a broad range of successes in film acting, directing, writing, athletic competition, business ventures and community service. Since he first emerged as a major star in James Cameron's The Terminator, Schwarzenegger has become a driving force behind the success of such all-time blockbusters as Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall, True Lies and 1996's summer action hit Eraser. In 1997, he starred as the villainous "Mr. Freeze" opposite George Clooney in Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin. He will next star in the thriller The Sixth Day for director Roger Spottiswoode.

His motion picture career began in 1977 with his role in the critically-acclaimed Pumping Iron, a feature-length docudrama about the Mr. Universe competition, which revealed his engaging natural presence before the camera. Director Bob Rafelson immediately cast him in a key role opposite Sally Field and Jeff Bridges in Stay Hungry. His performance garnered winning reviews and a Golden Globe Award as "Best Newcomer in Films." After winning 13 world championship titles (Mr. World, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia), he retired from professional bodybuilding and pursued acting full time. He starred with Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margret in the romantic action-comedy western The Villain, and took the part of Mickey Hargitay in the television movie The Jayne Mansfield Story.

Schwarzenegger made his breakthrough role in 1982 in director John Milius' Conan the Barbarian, playing the comic-book superhero of the mystical Dark Ages. The film was an enormous international hit and spawned a popular sequel, Conan the Destroyer and other related films, and earned Schwarzenegger a devoted following.

In 1983, soon after becoming a naturalized citizen, Schwarzenegger took a chance on a low-budget independent film by an unknown director. James Cameron's futuristic thriller The Terminator was a runaway hit at the box-office and was cited by Time Magazine as "one of the year's 10 Best Films."

The success of The Terminator placed Schwarzenegger at the front rank of Hollywood stars. Over the next few years he became virtually synonymous with the phrase "action hero," largely due to the phenomenal success of a series of crowd-pleasing action/adventure films: Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, The Running Man and Red Heat.

In 1988, Schwarzenegger realized yet another of his goals, revealing his previously untapped talents as a comic actor. The result was Twins, in which Schwarzenegger starred with Danny DeVito under the direction of Ivan Reitman. The film's triumphant success paved the way for the reunion of Schwarzenegger, DeVito and Reitman in Junior in 1994. That performance garnered him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy. In 1996, he starred in the Christmas comedy Jingle All The Way for director Brian Levant.

In 1990, Schwarzenegger delivered a "one-two punch" with the futuristic action-thriller Total Recall, followed that Christmas by Ivan Reitman's heart-warming comedy Kindergarten Cop. His greatest commercial success to date has been Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the big-budget sequel to the sleeper hit, which reunited him with director Cameron and earned more than $506 million worldwide. The National Association of Theater Owners invented a new award to present him at the ShoWest convention in February of 1993: "Internati


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